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Unlike most “homemade” ice creams, we never use a commercial base. Instead we handcraft each batch of ice cream from scratch using the best ingredients we can find, like local milk and cream, premium spices and teas, quality chocolate, locally roasted coffee, craft beers and spirits, wild Maine blueberries, and seasonal local produce. We’re as picky about our ingredients as we are about what we feed our family. That means no stabilizers, fillers, high fructose corn syrup, or anything artificial.

Besides the fact that it tastes great, honey is a natural stabilizer. Adding honey to our base means we don’t have to use the conditioners and emulsifiers-things like guar gum, xantham gum, carageenan, mono & diglycerides, sodium alginate, and sodium dioxide-that are found in most commercial ice creams. Honey gives our ice creams and sorbets a soft, scoopable texture and a depth of flavor, naturally.

Little Bee is made using a Philadelphia style, egg-free base of cream, milk, honey, and pure cane sugar. We love the fresh, fluffy taste of Philadelphia style ice cream, and we have found that keeping our ingredients simple allows our flavors to take center stage.


At Little Bee we are constantly dreaming up new flavors. Here's a list of some of our favorites.

Honey Sea Salt - Honey Vanilla - Chocolate - Cookies & Cream - Coffee Malt - Spruce Tips - Maine Wild Blueberry - Strawberry - Fresh Peach - Cardamom - Cardamom Rose - Matcha - London Fog - Thai Tea - Lavender - Mint Verbena - Mint Chocolate Chip - Key Lime Pie - Thai Basil - Pumpkin Spice - Peppermint - Turkish Coffee - Coffee and Donuts - Honey Chai - Black Sesame - Cherry Pie - Cherry Bomb (made with Maine Craft Distilling Ration Rum) - Ginger - Mexican Chocolate - Maple Walnut - Cinnamon Sweet Corn - Lone Pine Oh-J IPA - Allagash Black Stout - Urban Farm Fermentory Aztec Stout  

Honey Orange Sorbet - Strawberry Sorbet - Grapefruit Sorbet - Strawberry Rose Sorbet - Lemon Rosemary Sorbet - Mint Mojito Sorbet - Orange Yuzu Sorbet - Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet - Cantaloupe Sorbet